Happy Birthday, Brady

Once a year, my friends and I make it a point to celebrate Mary Brady Month. It begins with her birthday (December 8) and officially concludes on the day she died (January 8). During that month, we tell more stories about her, listen to the Rolling Stones more than usual, and talk about literature we haven’t read in years (and, truthfully, may never actually read again). The month concludes with Mary Brady Night, which is an event so insane that I can’t describe it very well except to say that it involves wearing red stockings and singing “Proud Mary”. (Yet another thing that would both please and horrify her).

The point of the month is to celebrate her and to remember that we work so hard because that’s what she taught us to do. We also usually spend time trying to figure out how to best memorialize her and can never come up with anything that seems right. This year is different.

You see, we have all these handouts she gave us. And they’re awesome. People should be able to use them. We should be sharing them. We still talk about them, for crying out loud! They shouldn’t just be sitting on our hard drives collecting e-dust. We figured this was the best vehicle for us to share them with each other. So figure out the password and check out the Red Room. (Another hint: successor).

Strangely, this seemed like the best way to memorialize her. It makes sense. It’s useful. And isn’t it fun?

The other thing is this Episodes section. I know you all have Mary Brady stories and I offer you this forum share them during Mary Brady Month (and, beyond, of course). If you want to leave a comment, that’s cool. If you want to guest post, that’s even cooler. And the most cool thing you could do is tell people about this site, especially if they knew Brady and even if they didn’t.

I had half a mind to wax eloquent about Brady tonight (instead of repeating a lot of what’s on the main page), but something tells me that time will come soon enough. It’s her birthday and we should be celebrating.

Happy birthday, Brady.



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Brady

  1. Don’t forget Aerosmith; I remember many, many times her coming home, and hearing something from Mr.’s Tyler and Perry so loud you could feel it in the ground.

  2. GLP

    I had no idea about Aerosmith actually but I’m not surprised. She once said I listened to “noise” but for the life of me I can’t remember what I was playing.

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