Happy Mary Brady Night

As I mentioned in the first post, my friends and I generally go out for Mary Brady Night around January 8 (the anniversary of the day Dr. Brady died) to honor her memory. Even though last Saturday was January 8, due to scheduling conflicts, we’re finally getting together tonight for the celebrations–which is why this post is appearing now instead of a week ago. 

Over a month ago, when we launched this site, I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect. I think my original plan was just to upload as many files as we could to the Red Room, get a few things for the Episodes and post until January 8, and let it pretty much take a break until next December 8. For me, the main point was doing something with all those files I had and from the day it launched, I had done what I had set out to do. I hope that former students will be able to use these files and hopefully some current students will stumble upon the room.

A few things surprised me. The first thing was the support of her family. One of my coworkers knows one of Dr. Brady’s sons and shared the link with him the day before it launched. From there, more members of her family found the site and commented on it. It was (to sell it far too short) a really, really cool feeling and completely unexpected.

The other thing that surprised me: the number of hits. I didnt’ have any numbers in my head when we started this but, off the top of my head, I could name maybe 20 or 30 people I considered to be part of the Brady Cult. I figured maybe they’d tell a few friends and that’d be the end of it.

On December 8, 2010, the day the site launched, WordPress reports that we had 526 “views” on the site. I’m not very good at interpreting numbers but, from the looks of it, that accounts for views of every page on the site (the main page, episodes page, the Red Room) not unique visitors. From the looks of it, that day there were about 200 views of the main page and, if WordPress doesn’t double count IP addresses or something, that might be up to 200 people who visited this site in one day. That’s 200 people who knew Brady, who learned from her, and who had their lives changed by her.

Since launching, we’ve gotten a lot of comments, a lot of page views, and a few people volunteering to write episodes. We’re still waiting on a few of them but they’ll be up as soon as we get them. If you want to contribute an episode (or more), please let us know and we’ll get it up here. We also have a few more handouts to add to the Red Room, which we hope to get scanned in soon and we’ll let you know when those are available. Please share that link with people you think would be interested or could use the information. Be sure to yell “isn’t this fuuu-uuun?” at them as they try to guess the password.

Tonight, instead of just having a few drinks, telling a few stories, listening to “Proud Mary”, and wondering what we could do to honor Dr. Brady, we can finally spend a night having a few drinks, telling a few stories, listening to “Proud Mary”, and knowing that we finally did something. That we all did something, everyone who visited this site, who commented, who contributed and who will contribute on down the road. And we know that will continue doing so.

Tonight, we’ll be remembering her like we always do, in our own way. Tomorrow, we’ll get back to work.



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2 responses to “Happy Mary Brady Night

  1. Margaret Greynolds

    Wish i could be there to hear the stories, but I wouldn’t want to cramp your styles. I traveled alot with my students for speech trips, so I know how much fun the exchange of stories can be. Please keep this coming. It helps me to know that others are channeling Mary as I do so often.

  2. Amanda Dempsey

    I still want to write an episode. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing her as well or for as long as many of you, but I still feel like this site was a great idea.

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