Help Shape the Future of Georgetown College by Becoming One of the #GC300

Georgetown College saw me transition from a high school graduate, to a college graduate, and to where I am today—someone working toward a promising career, thanks in part to the education I got at Georgetown and especially from Dr. Brady. As Georgetown undergoes this period of transition to a new president, now more than ever, it’s imperative that alums like you and me show the world what our school means to us.

I know how important the generosity of GC alums was to making my education more affordable. Scholarships from a number of sources helped me offset some of the student loan debt I had to take on. Now that I’ve graduated and am slowly paying down those loans, I haven’t forgotten it’s my turn to pay it forward.

Like many, I don’t have a lot of money to give. When I give to GC, it’s usually to a specific department or program like to the Mary Brady Scholarship. If you make a donation between now and this Sunday, June 30, you can contribute not JUST to the Dr. Brady Scholarship but also become one of the #GC300.

The purpose of the #GC300 campaign is not to raise a specific dollar amount for Georgetown College. Rather, it’s an opportunity for at least 300 of us alums of all ages to rally around our alma mater. No matter how much you give, by making a donation, you send a message to current and potential students, faculty, staff, and indeed the next GC President that we alums are invested in the success of the College. 

Please join me in becoming one of the #GC300 by making a donation today.

To make a donation visit To make sure your donation goes to the Mary Brady Scholarship type “Mary Brady Scholarship” in the comments field.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Gina Putthoff, Class of 2005


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